Thursday, 15 January 2009

24th April 2008

So, Thursday night I met up with the guys for my first intro to the madness, with Wes, Kirt and Charlie and the mandatory pizza and beers in my backpack.

Directions were a little vague what with Wes providing a high level internet streetmap, marked with a red circle somwhere up the Kings Road and Kirt's address located as a black door in the area. Got it.

Not really understanding what this was really all about I suppose my heart was beating a bit faster - rectifying the knowledge gap about cricket and high altitude trekking will be another project in itself! After a good run down of how this idea was conceived and nurtured to life it was clear to me I want to be a part of it. And so to work!

Having been on the ground helping to start up a company in the ski industry through the European Alps, memories came flooding back on concerted efforts huddled over laptops to trawl through sponsorship names (not true now thanks to our idea and contact pool) and cash flow crises (only comparable to audit and responsibility towards the charities we're supporting!!)....

Anyway, I came out of the meeting thinking not only that I could bring something to this project and grinning from ear to ear with excitement, but most importantly with the new team name: "The Anchor". I guess I've only ever been called that in terms of my skiing ability when wobbling about in the snow at the start of my ski season!

I feel like I've walked into the middle of a scrumdown and I'm holding the ball. Bring it on. This is one adventure I am not going to miss!

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