Thursday, 9 April 2009

A random thought entered my head yesterday about how much my life has already changed on a daily basis through the preparation for the expedition.
Lets start with daily chat as the first example, to keep this entry brief.
Not only have I become very open to discussion with strangers on how bodily functions should be working and will be working under duress, either after one of the fundraiser parties or more likely at altitude, but a strange form of motivational chat has also entered my vocabulary. I have grown accustomed to understanding the different intonation and subtlety of meaning to exclamations of "BOOM TIME", if not calling everyone a leg-end.
Response reflex to Toovs' dirt chat has increased significantly and risk-control methods to extended dialogue of this type greatly improved.
Multi-tasking skills have augmented at an exponential growth factor.
This would include simultaneous eating, problem solving, sending of work emails, discount bargaining, creation of an internal network opportunity radar and critical 'to-do' list (inside my head, nowhere else, before this is questioned, thanks Toovs); as this fine last example indicates, I have also evolved to manage tail-covering on all accounts to avoid liability at cost to personal embarrassment. No feedback required there on that comment either Toovs.
If I'm not far wrong, I think I have become well-qualified to write a clean job application for a role as a lawyer or politician.

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